How I lost 100 pounds using an indoor grill and the Paleo Diet.

weight loss

Initially when I tried to lose weight I didn’t have a lot of success, it took me 3 years and I still couldn’t lose the weight. There was moments of time where I would lose some weight and I would immediately rebound. My main issue with weight loss is without a doubt what I was eating, I tried everything, diet pills, different types of diets, I even tried weird only fruits and nuts diets.

Unfortunately I had no success, until one evening I was browsing the internet and I found a website that apparently claims that you can lose weight using an indoor grill. I thought this was the most ridiculous thing I had ever read, an indoor grill to lose weight?

Even though I felt as if it was the most absurd thing in the world, I actually ordered a nice grill that was under $200. It seemed like a lot of money at the time, but now I would spend that same amount without flinching if I’d had known how much it was going to change my life. You can buy the same grill I used here at  this link – Waring Pro CIG100 Professional 1800-Watt Cast-Iron Grill

Although I had the grill, I didn’t really know how to go about eating the right things, NOTHING worked, no diets, NOTHING. Then I found out about Paleo diet, it’s all about what breakfast you eat in the morning. I started following this diet EXACTLY. and I’ll tell you what, I LOST 5 INCHES IN A WEEK. I’m not kidding. It turns out, with the indoor grill cooking the fat out of the food, and following the diet exactly, I was able to successfully lose 100 pounds in ONLY 6 MONTHS.

I very highly recommend trying the Paleo diet, it’s all about what breakfast you eat, I started doing this and within about 2 weeks I had EASILY doubled my energy, I’ve never had this type of energy before so I utilized it and I began focusing on school. It’s all history from there, between the Paleo diet, and cooking my meals with an indoor grill I was able to lose my weight without focusing on strenuous exercise programs or terrible diets.

I essentially ate whatever I wanted, but I focused on using the indoor grill primarily, and I focused on MAKING SURE I used the Paleo diet every morning, and the fat began to simply melt off.

If you want to try the Paleo Diet, click here, it’s very affordable and I’m confident if I can lose the weight anyone can.

If you want to use the indoor grill I used to lose my weight, click here